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    in Automotive Welding and Assembly
    Backed by our technical expertise and exceptional service.
  • Our Exclusive Brand
    Welding Products
    Copperhead products cover a variety of
    different welding requirements including
    our patented cap changer, tip dressers,
    cutter blades and holders, along with
    sensors and many other products.
  • JEC'S
    Unique Position
    Adaptive and Responsive
    We cater to our customers needs
    and demands with the unique ability to source
    and supply virtually any product required for
    automotive assembly. We can streamline technical
    requirements and back it with on site technical support.
  • Our Customers Include:
Our Advantage

JEC Distributors Inc. holds a unique competitive advantage of having 6 direct OEM vendor codes with the major North American automotive manufacturers


JEC staff act as technical advisors and sales agents to the Tier 1 automotive manufacturers and the major automotive manufacturers across North America.


JEC's affiliated 10,000 sq. ft. service facility currently repairs all makes and models of mig welders, servo motors, robots, and also offers circuit board repair


JEC’s main product line includes the Copperhead brand of Cap Changers, Tip Dressers, Sensors, Weld Gun Covers, Cutter Blades and Holders, and Force Gauges.

about JEC Distributors Inc.

Servicing the automotive manufacturing sector for 15 years.

Created January, 2000 and incorporated in 2005 JEC Distributors Inc. has serviced the automotive manufacturing sector for 15 years, as a distributor of welding products, accessories, tools, and automation.
JEC distributors currently offers its own line of products under the Copperhead brand. The Copperhead lineup includes weld cap changers, tip dressers, a combination tip dresser/changer unit, tip dresser cutter blades and holders, weld gun covers, force gauges, and a centre point tool.
As a distributor JEC also supplies electrical and technology solutions by Electricomm, tools by Moutz, lift assist and rail systems by Packers Kromer and Parker Hannifin, weld cap reconditioning by RECAP, flow valves by ROCON, Tessonics Resistance Spot Weld Analyzers, and Watteredge power products.

Our Products

  • Parker Hannifin

    Components and systems that facilitate motion and the controlled flow of liquids and gasses.

  • Tessonics

    Tessonics develops and manufactures leading edge ultrasonic technologies for industrial applications.

  • Electricomm

    Electricomm provides Quality Electrical Solutions to the commercial, residential, industrial and institutional sectors.

  • Pakers Kromer

    You can find the correct balancer for your static load application in the Packers Kromer series.

  • Rocon LLC

    Providing solutions to the problems of tip loss or water flow failure to resistance welding guns.

  • Recap Inc.

    Recycling of resistance weld electrode caps to leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

  • IFM

    Sensors, controllers and systems for industrial automation.

  • Watteredge

    Power Equipment Professionals - Bus Bars, Battery Connectors & More

our partners

JEC's Patented Cap Changer

Our patented mechanical cap changer with round magazines in opperation.
• For use with robot or pedestal guns
• May be used in a horizontal or vertical configuration
• Tip change in 15 to 25 seconds
• Maximizes tip life
• Reduces adapter wear
• Magazines may be filled outside the station
• Accommodates specialty caps and different caps in one changer.
(i.e. 13 mm and 16mm or 16 mm and 20 mm)

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